YTC Launches Summer K-12 Bridging Programs – My not-so-shameless-plugging Press Release :-)

I have this PR material since last month but I never had the courage to post it, I know you will hardly believe that since I’ve been posting mostly PR materials here since the start of this year when I started to get pretty much preoccupied with so many things in life (I really wish to share it all here soon… really!). Actually, I have all the reasons to share this post – First, the topic is very (I mean very) helpful and beneficial to almost every Filipinos. Second, our family advocates the love for learning at the same time this post will benefit homeschooling families like us. Third, and probably most bloggers will agree that this is one major reason to post a PR material, the people behind the company are gracious, polite, admirable and credible. But there is one small thing that is keeping me from posting it – we’re opening YTC ANTIPOLO branch very soon… and this will look like a shameless plugging of our business – something I don’t want my readers to think of this post and of this blog.

But then again, I may be wrong (what do I know?), so I’m giving in to the itch of posting this, again not only because I’m plugging YTC ANTIPOLO, but I strongly believe that the benefits which my readers will get outweighs my worry of being tagged as shamelessly plugging YTC Your Tutorial Center.


The world is undergoing unprecedented changes brought about by rapid advancement in information and communication technologies, trade liberalization, globalization.
– UNESCO, 2010

Change is inevitable and adapting to change is another thing. In its pursuit to improve the Philippine education system, the Department of Education (DepEd) has implemented a major education reform known as the K-12 Curriculum.

The education program includes mandatory preschool education for five-year old children before entering the 6-year elementary school as well as going through additional 2 years in the high school or secondary education. Aside from this new structure, the medium of instruction from kindergarten to Grade 3 will now be mother tongue-based. This means that the K to 12 student will be taught the core learning areas using his first language. The National Achievement Test (popularly known as NAT) will still be administered as an end-of-grade 6 assessment but this time will serve both as an exit examination from elementary and entrance examination for Grade 7. Grade 10 students will also go through an assessment to qualify for senior high school and their chosen track. The end of Grade 12 examination will not only be the end of K to 12 exam but also serve as entrance exam for university.

These significant changes, initially, may be difficult for kids. As parents, there are a number of things to help your child or teen to prepare and embrace this transition. Parents can help their child to mentally organize and emotionally process the child’s feelings such as fear of the unknown. By being a support system to your teens, you could help them cope with “anticipatory change jitters.” Aside from these tips, there are private educational sectors who can also help you and you kids adapt to the new K to 12 curriculum.

“This is not a perfect curriculum. There is much for us to work on. There will be learning curves that we will need to meet and challenges to be resolved. But with everyone’s help, we will be able to roll out the program that we can keep improving over the next couple of years.”
-Bro. Armin Luistro, FSC Deped Secretary

Press release2

Your Tutorial Center (YTC) is a 3-in-1education center which offers Tutorial, Review and Language programs. YTC primarily provides ACADEMIC TUTORIAL programs from preschool to college all throughout the year.

This summer, YTC will be offering bridging programs focusing on developing and strengthening the coping skills of kindergarten until grade 10 students – in order to smoothly transition from the old to the new curriculum.

Aside from the basic literacy tools of reading, writing and numeracy, tomorrow’s individuals will need knowledge and skills that will equip them to participate productively in their societies.
– ADB 2008

Basic Reading and Math Programs will be offered to Kinder and Grade 1. Aside from Reading and Math, bridging programs for Science and Grammar with Sentence Construction will be offered to students from Grade 4 to Grade 6. For Grades 7 to 10, Basic Algebra, Advanced Algebra, Chemistry and Physics will be available.

YTC is one with the K-12 curriculum to produce Filipino graduates who are holistically-developed with 21st century skills through its program and services geared to prepare kids and teens for higher education, middle-level skills development and entrepreneurship.

Check or call (02)4108-456 or (0932)8555-982 for more information on Summer K-12 Bridging Programs. And for those who wish to try the programs for FREE,call me… Oops! I think that’s considered plugging. Wink! 🙂