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I just want to thank everyone who visited and followed this blog for the past 3 years… now that we moved to our new home… I’d like to invite you to visit us there, follow and witness our trying hard moments towards a minimalist lifestyle. 🙂



I will migrate and update most of my posts here and put it on our new family blog so we’ll not miss our favorite stories and we’ll try to write new posts to document our precious Memories and Everyday Life.

Thank you once again and Merry Christmas! 🙂



YTC Launches Summer K-12 Bridging Programs – My not-so-shameless-plugging Press Release :-)

I have this PR material since last month but I never had the courage to post it, I know you will hardly believe that since I’ve been posting mostly PR materials here since the start of this year when I started to get pretty much preoccupied with so many things in life (I really wish to share it all here soon… really!). Actually, I have all the reasons to share this post – First, the topic is very (I mean very) helpful and beneficial to almost every Filipinos. Second, our family advocates the love for learning at the same time this post will benefit homeschooling families like us. Third, and probably most bloggers will agree that this is one major reason to post a PR material, the people behind the company are gracious, polite, admirable and credible. But there is one small thing that is keeping me from posting it – we’re opening YTC ANTIPOLO branch very soon… and this will look like a shameless plugging of our business – something I don’t want my readers to think of this post and of this blog.

But then again, I may be wrong (what do I know?), so I’m giving in to the itch of posting this, again not only because I’m plugging YTC ANTIPOLO, but I strongly believe that the benefits which my readers will get outweighs my worry of being tagged as shamelessly plugging YTC Your Tutorial Center.


The world is undergoing unprecedented changes brought about by rapid advancement in information and communication technologies, trade liberalization, globalization.
– UNESCO, 2010

Change is inevitable and adapting to change is another thing. In its pursuit to improve the Philippine education system, the Department of Education (DepEd) has implemented a major education reform known as the K-12 Curriculum.

The education program includes mandatory preschool education for five-year old children before entering the 6-year elementary school as well as going through additional 2 years in the high school or secondary education. Aside from this new structure, the medium of instruction from kindergarten to Grade 3 will now be mother tongue-based. This means that the K to 12 student will be taught the core learning areas using his first language. The National Achievement Test (popularly known as NAT) will still be administered as an end-of-grade 6 assessment but this time will serve both as an exit examination from elementary and entrance examination for Grade 7. Grade 10 students will also go through an assessment to qualify for senior high school and their chosen track. The end of Grade 12 examination will not only be the end of K to 12 exam but also serve as entrance exam for university.

These significant changes, initially, may be difficult for kids. As parents, there are a number of things to help your child or teen to prepare and embrace this transition. Parents can help their child to mentally organize and emotionally process the child’s feelings such as fear of the unknown. By being a support system to your teens, you could help them cope with “anticipatory change jitters.” Aside from these tips, there are private educational sectors who can also help you and you kids adapt to the new K to 12 curriculum.

“This is not a perfect curriculum. There is much for us to work on. There will be learning curves that we will need to meet and challenges to be resolved. But with everyone’s help, we will be able to roll out the program that we can keep improving over the next couple of years.”
-Bro. Armin Luistro, FSC Deped Secretary

Press release2

Your Tutorial Center (YTC) is a 3-in-1education center which offers Tutorial, Review and Language programs. YTC primarily provides ACADEMIC TUTORIAL programs from preschool to college all throughout the year.

This summer, YTC will be offering bridging programs focusing on developing and strengthening the coping skills of kindergarten until grade 10 students – in order to smoothly transition from the old to the new curriculum.

Aside from the basic literacy tools of reading, writing and numeracy, tomorrow’s individuals will need knowledge and skills that will equip them to participate productively in their societies.
– ADB 2008

Basic Reading and Math Programs will be offered to Kinder and Grade 1. Aside from Reading and Math, bridging programs for Science and Grammar with Sentence Construction will be offered to students from Grade 4 to Grade 6. For Grades 7 to 10, Basic Algebra, Advanced Algebra, Chemistry and Physics will be available.

YTC is one with the K-12 curriculum to produce Filipino graduates who are holistically-developed with 21st century skills through its program and services geared to prepare kids and teens for higher education, middle-level skills development and entrepreneurship.

Check www.yourtutorialcenter.com or call (02)4108-456 or (0932)8555-982 for more information on Summer K-12 Bridging Programs. And for those who wish to try the programs for FREE,call me… Oops! I think that’s considered plugging. Wink! 🙂

A Safety Reminder PR Post – Solane leads safety in the fiestas

I had a very traumatic experience with “generic” LPG delivery… imagine delivering and installing a leaking LPG tank in our kitchen while my son and his nanny are the only ones at home. I’m so relieved that nothing bad happened to them and we’re able to detect it right away. But still… it is something that I wouldn’t want to experience ever again… I mean ever. So, I am with SOLANE in this campaign for safety in the kitchen… fiestas or no fiestas. 🙂


From the kitchen to the streets, expect the country’s top LPG solutions provider Solane to campaign on the importance of safety during this year’s most colorful festivals.

In a country where there’s always a fiesta somewhere, Solane made it a point to be present at these festivals that present a great opportunity to spread our advocacy of safety in the kitchen. Because truth be told, what happens in the kitchen doesn’t only affect one’s residence but also the neighborhood,” said Isla LPG Corp. chief executive officer Ruben Domingo.

Solane has started spreading awareness by joining parades of recent festivals honoring Sto. Niño—Cebu’s Sinulog Kalibo’s Ati-Atihan and Iloilo City’s Dinagyang Festival. Solane joined the merrymaking through its eye-catching floats, while showcasing its effective service, and safe, high-quality LPG to its customers.

These included the first-of-its-kind safety cap, which completely plugs the gas to prevent leaks before installing the tank with a hose, the seal that carries a serial number to protect Solane customers from illegal LPG refillers and the Solane Authenticity Checker on Facebook, which verifies if the tank came from a licensed Solane dealer.

There’s also the Hatid-Bahay service, where every Solane LPG delivery guarantees a 7-point safety sheck of the LPG system by the company’s well-trained riders. Residents outside Metro Manila can now order Solane LPG conveniently for their fiesta needs by going online at www.solane.com.ph or sending SMS to its nationwide textline 0918-8875555.

During the festivals, Solane also took the opportunity to offer sales promotion activities in Cebu and Aklan and gave out branded merchandise. The success of Solane’s safety campaign in the Visayas is credited to the enriching relationship of Solane provincial executives with its local distributors. These were made possible by Isla LPG Corp. VisMin sales manager Rene Gamba, VisMin packed team; ILC Cebu POE Geraldine Indangan, Cebu VisMin Supply Chain team; and partner distributors Cebu Gazland Enterprises, Jet Sales Corporation, Quickway Gas Center, Marianing & Sons, Fabson Inc.

True to its commitment to innovate and care for its customers, Solane is persistent in advocating safety, may it be an ordinary day at home, a red-letter day or during fiestas.

Starting a healthy year – Anniversary PR Post

As I am celebrating my second blog anniversary, it is very timely that I share this PR post about starting a healthy year and of course keeping it. Cheers! 🙂

The year is still young and perfect for a fresh start. Have you made a resolution yet? If not, it might be a good idea to work on improving your health and well-being.

The beginning of the year is a time for resolutions for many Pinoys. Usually at the top of our resolution list is the pledge to become healthier and fit. That is why many are keen on dropping bad habits and starting a new diet or fitness regimen,” says Dr. Nicky Montoya, president of MediCard Philippines.

Here are some tips to stay healthy throughout the year:

Stop smoking

Most Pinoys are aware of the bad effects of smoking, but the addictive nature of nicotine in tobacco makes it difficult to quit through willpower alone. Smokers can achieve a lasting abstinence from cigarettes through the help of clinical experts in smoking cessation clinics. These treatment centers are specialized to help smokers drop the habit and avoid subsequent relapse by using different techniques, like counseling, telephone and online support and safe pharmaceutical aids.

Lose weight and be fit

Due to the extra pounds most of us gained from the holidays, it’s natural to develop a strong desire to get a leaner body by the start of the year. We can achieve our fitness goals by following a healthy eating plan and exercise routine. Simple daily habits, like eating meals in small portions and doing a 30-minute jog, can set us off to a great start.

Look and feel young

We grow older every year but we can always delay the signs of aging by taking care of our skin. Drinking adequate amounts of water and getting enough sleep can keep our body hydrated and repair cell damage. Wearing enough sunscreen and moisturizers can also minimize wrinkles, skin dryness, sagging, age spots, and even skin cancers.

Socialize more

Bonding with family and friends can uplift our mood and stop us from feeling depressed. Thus, we should find the time to socialize with other people despite our busy schedules. There’s always an opportunity to reach out to others—from talking to our loved ones at home to lunching out with our colleagues at work to hanging out with our friends on weekends. Meeting new people and making new friends in real life also develop our interpersonal skills and maturity.

Avoid stress

Stress is almost impossible to avoid, but there are ways to manage it and feel more relaxed. These include organizing our daily schedules, simplifying our activities and eliminating unnecessary commitments. Exercising, eating healthy and staying in a relaxing environment can also put our mind at ease. We also need to nurture optimism and tolerance to not get easily upset by unfavorable situations and difficult people.

Personal goals, especially those that focus on our health and well-being, are easy to start but can be difficult to sustain if they are unrealistic. The key to achieving our health goals and maintaining them is to take the transformation slowly and enjoy the process,” advises Dr. Montoya.

The MediCard Lifestyle Center is a modern edifice in the heart of Makati that offers diverse clinical, dental and specialty services. To know more about its services, visit http://mlc.medicardphils.com.

Our Brain Fit Experience

One benefit of homeschooling is having the time to pursue activities that the child likes or what the parents like their kids to try. 😉 My husband and I also consider those carefully chosen activities as investment for our son.

So when I encountered Brain Fit at Blogapalooza 2014, my heart skipped a bit and I got really interested… a sort of fitness program for the brain… how cool is that? So I immediately signed up for a FREE trial.



They have five Smart Programs for individuals ages 4 to 18, yup mommies, I didn’t make it to the cut-off. Hehe! 🙂 Martie was able to try three of them. He’s too young for the fourth program so I was the one who tried it (just for the sake of trying) and the fifth program is meant for groups – hence we cannot try it.

The first is the SMART VISION



Actually, I thought this would be so easy for him, he did more elaborate puzzle than that one before and also I’m his mom, his first and number one fan – what do you expect? But he wasn’t able to do the required task in a given time… he wasn’t fast enough. Honestly we haven’t worked on any timed activity at home, everything is based on our own pace… so I guess, we have to take note of that.




Again I thought Martie would ace this one, because I believe that he’s an auditory learner. But then again, it wasn’t too easy for him… though he was able to follow the instructions as he listen to the recording, he missed quite a number of questions. Maybe it is because he has curved ear canal… just trying to rationalize you know. 🙂

The third and last for him was SMART MOVES



This is one is kinda fun to look at… but when it comes to the last part, he gets a bit challenged. He cannot perform the task using just one hand, honestly, I didn’t realize that it matters that much because he can write perfectly fine.


The fourth, the one that I tried was SMART FOCUS



It is easy to stay focused on something engaging, but if it is “boring”, it is a very different story. Good thing my son was there, I was able to force myself to sit, focus and finish the task required – I need to be a good example. Right?! But I’m telling you it wasn’t easy.

After trying all those programs, we (my husband and I) think that this is a very systematized way of giving your brain some form of exercise. Also, the assessment would almost always be very objective, either timed or computer generated scores will define your performance. And of course, you will have your previous time or scores to beat – a very healthy way to teach self improvement. So, do we like Brain Fit? YES! Definitely.

Don’t worry mommies, I asked what you would like to know… How much does each program cost? Each program ranges from 850 to 1,000 Php per session. I don’t want to make a comment on the price right now, I need a full immersion into the program to say if they are charging too much or just right… so I’ll just leave it at that, but I do encourage you to call them (telephone numbers below) for a free trial, and experience it for yourself. 🙂

Greenhills Branch – 725-8500 / 668-2719 / (0917)599-1992

Manila Downtown Branch – 554-0381 / (0917)776-1689

Makati Branch – (0906)450-4416

Efforts of a Minimalist – Board game

Since my husband started wearing lenses, I started collecting the covers of his lens container.

photo (21)

Because I have a project in mind…. and I’m so happy that I was able to finally collect enough covers and find time to make this board (Dama Board). Now the there are more “quiet” moments and less idle things at home. 😉


Martie is seriously thinking of his next move. 🙂

By the way, this board game is now the official game of my boys. Yey! My first upcycling project is such a winner! 🙂

Loom Bands: Our first encounter

This is the closest to a “loomband” that is known to our household. 🙂


I have nothing against it, really. I think it can be a productive hobby and a great bonding activities for families and friends, but since I’m a trying hard minimalist and my son is not so fond of crafty things (you know how boys are) we haven’t given the thing a try.

So, this is how my son’s first encounter with the popular loombands went. 🙂

toysRus 002

listening attentively to the instructions…

toysRus 003

excited to finally give it a try…

toysRus 004

Shoot! 😉

Thank you for having us Toys R Us. 🙂