The BEST Tilapia in the Country – Tilapia N’ Chips

boracay2015 126

photo taken last January 2015

Finally, I was able to take a decent photo of this simple (yet very satisfying) meal that me and my boys so love. I hope my picture gave justice to the taste of the this meal (specially the fish), if not, I’ll try to do better next time. ūüėČ

Perhaps you’re beginning to question what makes this fish the BEST in the country (at least for me) and why am I claiming that (I’m not even a food blogger, remember?)?

Let me straighten out some¬†important points here first… Number one, I’m not the owner of Tilapia N’ Chips (Oh, how I wish! – so I can have this meal everyday). Number two, I’m not being paid or compensated in any form to do this (The owner doesn’t even know anything about this, not even his staff.) and Number three, I’m just a very satisfied customer who would like to give my¬†honest opinion and superlative rating to a rare find food item that I really really love. ūüôā

So, why is this the BEST Tilapia in the Country? Because I said so… Haha! Honestly, I’ve tasted several similarly prepared Tilapia (butterfly-cut, battered and deep fried) in various restaurants here in Manila… I remember at least three but none of them surpasses the taste, freshness, consistency and¬†overall quality of Tilapia N’ Chips. You can always taste the natural characteristic flavor of the fish (no hint of muddy taste), with a bit of crunch from the batter. They offer uniform size and age (I assume) of the fish, it is never oily and always cooked perfectly. It is offered with steamed rice and ¬†a choice of coleslaw or corn salsa; but I prefer to eat it with¬†soy sauce and calamansi (dipping sauce) and it always end up like this.


photo taken last October 2013

I strongly believe that it is hard to make simple things (food included)¬†great… because you cannot hide the flaws. ūüôā

For your Tilapia cravings, try¬†Tilapia ‘N Chips at Kamayan Bldg, Balabag, Boracay Malay, Aklan. (in front of Crafts Supermarket).


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