Efforts of a Minimalist: Gift Certificates

If there’s one thing that I will truly miss honey… it will be this, only this. 🙂

skintrends 024 (1)

That’s my favorite incentive from hubby, not only because he gives it all to me (well he practically gives me everything he earns – yes! I’m a very lucky girl) but because it is not taxed and I don’t get the guilty feeling spending it – what else can I do with those GCs right? 😉

Well, we all know that GCs are meant to be spent but since I’m a minimalist… I don’t splurge, it’s not my thing. I only buy staples – food, groceries and sometimes clothes, in tranches using those stubs. I divide them equally, so we can spend it monthly for the entire year.

Where do I usually spend our GCs?

1. Food – the fast-food chain that serves my son’s favorite breakfast and my husband’s favorite chicken combo gladly accepts GCs… Yehey! We always get a double treat!

2. Groceries – our monthly groceries are usually charged to our GCs. Either we buy at SM, Robinsons or Shopwise, it doesn’t matter – I always pay less than 200 pesos.

3. Clothes – on rare occasion, I buy clothes in stores that accepts GCs. I’m not only talking about department stores, but stand alone shops like Uniqlo. Sweet isn’t it?



  1. I want to be a minimalist someday! HIndi pa ako ganoon kaseirous, alam kong marami pang paghahanda na dapat gawin kaya sabi ko someday pa. It’s nice to know madami na rin local blogs on minimalism. Usually kasi foreign blogs ang nababasa ko. 🙂

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