Our Brain Fit Experience

One benefit of homeschooling is having the time to pursue activities that the child likes or what the parents like their kids to try. 😉 My husband and I also consider those carefully chosen activities as investment for our son.

So when I encountered Brain Fit at Blogapalooza 2014, my heart skipped a bit and I got really interested… a sort of fitness program for the brain… how cool is that? So I immediately signed up for a FREE trial.



They have five Smart Programs for individuals ages 4 to 18, yup mommies, I didn’t make it to the cut-off. Hehe! 🙂 Martie was able to try three of them. He’s too young for the fourth program so I was the one who tried it (just for the sake of trying) and the fifth program is meant for groups – hence we cannot try it.

The first is the SMART VISION



Actually, I thought this would be so easy for him, he did more elaborate puzzle than that one before and also I’m his mom, his first and number one fan – what do you expect? But he wasn’t able to do the required task in a given time… he wasn’t fast enough. Honestly we haven’t worked on any timed activity at home, everything is based on our own pace… so I guess, we have to take note of that.




Again I thought Martie would ace this one, because I believe that he’s an auditory learner. But then again, it wasn’t too easy for him… though he was able to follow the instructions as he listen to the recording, he missed quite a number of questions. Maybe it is because he has curved ear canal… just trying to rationalize you know. 🙂

The third and last for him was SMART MOVES



This is one is kinda fun to look at… but when it comes to the last part, he gets a bit challenged. He cannot perform the task using just one hand, honestly, I didn’t realize that it matters that much because he can write perfectly fine.


The fourth, the one that I tried was SMART FOCUS



It is easy to stay focused on something engaging, but if it is “boring”, it is a very different story. Good thing my son was there, I was able to force myself to sit, focus and finish the task required – I need to be a good example. Right?! But I’m telling you it wasn’t easy.

After trying all those programs, we (my husband and I) think that this is a very systematized way of giving your brain some form of exercise. Also, the assessment would almost always be very objective, either timed or computer generated scores will define your performance. And of course, you will have your previous time or scores to beat – a very healthy way to teach self improvement. So, do we like Brain Fit? YES! Definitely.

Don’t worry mommies, I asked what you would like to know… How much does each program cost? Each program ranges from 850 to 1,000 Php per session. I don’t want to make a comment on the price right now, I need a full immersion into the program to say if they are charging too much or just right… so I’ll just leave it at that, but I do encourage you to call them (telephone numbers below) for a free trial, and experience it for yourself. 🙂

Greenhills Branch – 725-8500 / 668-2719 / (0917)599-1992

Manila Downtown Branch – 554-0381 / (0917)776-1689

Makati Branch – (0906)450-4416



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