White sand, new bag and cancelled flight

We’re supposed to visit the wonderful island of Boracay last week… an all-expense-paid trip by our generous boss. 🙂 We’re very excited and my bag is so ready to go.



My perfect bag for this island getaway was a gift from a friend. These bags are made by retrenched sewers in their community (how noble is that?). I don’t know how much it is (well, it is a gift), but I can ask her in case someone out there is interested to buy. Let’s support a nice product for a great cause. 😉

But since typhoon Ruby went island hopping here in the Philippines last week, our flight was cancelled due to bad weather condition (force majeure). Well, it’s better to be safe, so I really thank Cebu Pacific for being pro-active in cancelling flights (though it seems that weather is fine here in Manila).

Of course, we re-booked our hotel accommodation and our flights… well that’s a whole different story, a tiring and stressful story to tell… so let’s just skip that one and go straight to the things that I’m looking forward to our coming vacation… an awesome way to start the year 2015. 🙂

Puka Beach



We really love this beach (yes, including my boys)… less crowd, less noise, just pure lovely beach… I can’t wait to be back here.

Tilapia and Chips



I told you already that I am no-food-blogger-material (here), so please pardon my photo here… but I think this would clearly show how much we enjoyed the food at Tilapia and Chips. Their deep-fried-butterfly-cut tilapia is the best…yummmy. 🙂

Tangled all the way

Since, I’ve deprived myself from haircut for quite a long time (I’m preparing for a BIG hair make-over), I would love to have an elaborate braided hair at the island and be Mrs. Dreadie. Right honey? 😉




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