My first encounter – Washoku De Azabu

I envy the temperament of food bloggers… they have the patience to wait and take pictures of the sumptuous food before finally digging in… well, I don’t have that. As soon as the food is in front of me, I just say grace and I devour. Haha!

But last month, my husband invited me to try this newly opened restaurant near his workplace. He said that the restaurant serves great Japanese food and it is the first here in Manila and they have a Japanese chef and most importantly, it’s his treat (it was his birthday weekend). So, I immediately said yes. 🙂

A few minutes drive from our place, Washoku De Azabu is at the 2nd Floor of BMW Showroom in Greenhills (along Ortigas Ave, cor Roosevelt). They have basement pay parking and is open even on weekends. The place is quiet, cozy and minimally designed (very Japanese) – i like it. Since they just opened last October (first week if I remember it right – blame it on the vegetable tempura), the wait staff are still learning the menu, but I appreciate their honesty and help in giving the details of the ingredients behind the menu.

OK, let me show you what we had, and I’m telling you, I had the hardest time. My husband had to call my attention several times to take a picture first before sampling the food. 😉

photo (26)

Spicy Tuna Roll, a nice way to start the meal.

photo (24)

Ramen (I forgot the exact name), but this is the QUEEN for me – better than the king! 😉

photo (23)

Vegetable Tempura with a missing lady finger. Munch! Munch! And may I say that this is the BEST vegetable tempura I had so far. Though serving is quite small for me. Haha! 🙂

photo (25)

Flat Fish, my son said this is so yummy. Let’s take it from him, he finished this dish with a bowl of steamed rice and soy sauce with lemon. 🙂

Not included in the picture are three cups of Japanese rice, an order of asparagus with bacon (I have my own version here), an order of bacon with quail eggs plus their complimentary tea, all of that for one thousand seven hundred pesos (1,700). Not bad for a great and authentic Japanese meal for the family.

See you again Washoku de Azabu. 🙂



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