Treats from Mommy Bloggers :-)

At the office, we’re used to having treats from our generous boss. Almost everyday, she has something to share with everyone; like chocolates, corn chips (with different dips), rice cakes (kakanin) and the likes. Oh yeah! We are lucky! 🙂

A few weeks ago, she went out of the country and left us hungry… sad, hungry and sad. 😦 Good thing, I have lots of treats from my fellow mommy bloggers (sponsors of MBP Halloween Party) who filled the empty stomach of my office mates and me. Yey! Thank you mommies and here are their comments. 🙂

Treat #1 from Bebeng’s Kitchen (Chocolate Chip Oat Cookies)

mbp 191

Office mate A said after her first bite… Ok lang.

mbp 192

Office mate A said after her third cookie… Habang tumatagal, sumasarap. 🙂

Treat #2 from Leigh’s Treats

Gamma October 2014 027

Office mate B asked… Anong tawag dito? Ang sarap! Me: Di ko natanong… Sorry! Kain ka pa. 🙂

Gamma October 2014 030

Aside from those that we enjoyed at the office, there are also some that we enjoyed as soon as we’re on our way home. 🙂

Treat #3 Tooth Fairy Desserts (Ube Halaya)

mbp 169

This one is so ready to be eaten.

mbp 172

Di ako pwedeng food blogger noh? (Bawas na bago ma-picturan.)

Treat #4 Mamanee’s Made with Love Cookies

I’m so sorry Marie, my boys ate the cookie at the car… nagiisa lang pala yun at di ko na sya nasilayan… but I’m sure my boys liked it. 🙂

Treat #5 Joyceski’s Biz Faithshoppe (keychain and ref magnet)

photo (13)

Finally! Something I can keep to myself. 😉

photo (14)

This one is all mine. 😉

Thanks again mommies. 🙂



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