Q&A with Martie: Do you still want to play with it?

Last month we sold our almost 20 year-old car. When we’re about to meet with the buyer, we talked to Martie and explained to him what will happen. We tried to explain to him that our beloved car will have a new owner and we will receive a certain amount of money in return, which we will use to fund his very tiny dimsum business. He seems ok with the whole idea… but I did not expect anything like this a few weeks after:

Martie: Mommy! mommy! mommy! (very excited)
Me: Yes Martie?
Martie: I found my wrecked car.
Me: Ok.
Martie: Look! look!
Me: Ok. But that is broken… Do you still want to play with it?
Martie: No.
Me: Ok, we’ll just throw it?
Martie: No. I’ll ask daddy to sell it. 100 pesos.
Me: Ok. 😉

So, who’s willing to buy this from our little boy? Wink! 😉

wrecked car



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