Why do I love GE Water System


I always keep a spare. 🙂

For almost 2 years now, safe drinking water has been out of our household worries, since we purchased and installed our own GE Water System. This system suites our lifestyle and I love every drop of it… why? Let me tell you…

  • Under the sink – My number one reason for choosing GE Water System is that it is designed to be placed under the sink. It will not consume even a tiny space of your kitchen counter. Totally cool for household with small kitchen counters like ours.
  • Easy to Install – The system comes with an instruction CD guide that you can just follow. Very easy and complete. Even the materials that you will need for installing is provided there, all you have to do is play and follow. By the way, my son loved the instruction CD very much that he usually play it over and over, while of course copying the installation procedure. Haha!
  • Fit for every need – they have different filters for different water impurities. I had our water tested first before deciding what kind of filter to get. It doesn’t actually need a lot of chemistry to do that… most likely if your water source is Manila Water; all you need is to remove the Chlorine, its after taste and odor plus occasional sediments present in the water – then, the GE 1500R-Health (shown in the picture above) is a good choice for you and me too.
  • Easy to Maintain – Actually it doesn’t require maintenance and cleaning… all you have to do is mark your cartridge and your calendar of the day of the cartridge replacement (cartridge usually last up to 6 months). Replacement can be done in a couple of easy steps… quarter turn the old cartridge and pull out of the system (no need to turn off the water main source) and put the new cartridge by doing the exact opposite – you have safe, fresh and clean water in no time.
  • Cost efficient – It is not the cheapest water system in the market, but I’m telling you, the simplicity and efficiency of this system is beyond comparison… so worthy that you wouldn’t mind its cost. Take it from me.

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