Our Kid’s Workshop Experience

I’m going to be totally honest here… I have no idea what Kids Workshop has to offer. I don’t even know where they are exactly located, and so we need to ask three times to get to the place. I’m a trying hard minimalist remember?! Hence malls and shopping centers are not my kind of place, so please excuse me.

Since my son woke up at the wrong side of the bed that afternoon and is being his unusual self… we decided to brave the traffic and the crowd of Greenhills try Kid’s Workshop and hope that he would like it there… good thing we did because it’s an instant mood lifter.

In the middle of all the shops in Shopsville Greenhills, is a place called Kid’s Workshop where kids can have fun and do a lot of activities while adults are doing their shopping needs. Well, since we got there a bit late already, we decided to stay and check the place while our son is enjoying himself to a place meant for him to explore and enjoy.

KW&B 097

Arts and Crafts

KW&B 119


KW&B 175

And more cars

KW&B 213


Though I don’t frequent malls, I appreciate places like Kid’s Workshop wherein you can leave your child or children in their own bubble of enjoyment and safety while you are either running your errands or doing some well deserved shopping spree. A place wherein they can have fun, learn, play and be happy.
Thank you for Having us Kid’s Workshop.


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