Five Things my Son Learned while Praying the Rosary

rosary with martie2

To begin with, I am not writing this to brag or say that we are the most devoted Catholic family, because we are not, REALLY. But this has been bugging me for a long time now and I really want to share my personal discovery since we started praying the rosary. Also, I am not writing this to encourage or persuade you to have the same devotion (but I’ll be smiling if I get to influence you in a way), but I just want to show the valuable learning we got out of praying the rosary (aside from the “religious” ones).

rosary also

When I saw this post… I decided to silently join the group for a couple of reasons. First, I wanted to have a “Religion” subject on our informal Homeschooling. Second, I wanted to teach my son how to pray formula prayers and third, I also wanted abortion mills to close down. Having all those reasons in mind, I decided to give it a GO and I am so happy and thankful I did, aside from having a “Religion” subject, my son learned other things… valuable things effortlessly.

1. Shapes and Sizes – When I asked him to give examples of sphere that he can find in our room (while doing Singapore Math lessons), he immediately took his rosary out of the box and show it to me. He even told me that there are so many spheres there, some are big and some are small.
2. Big Words – I don’t know about you, but the words like graciously, visitation and beseech are not often used in our household… but as we pray the rosary, my son got acquainted with those rather BIG words.
3. Counting to Ten (10) – I don’t think I have to elaborate on this one. Praying one decade at a time made him accustomed to counting from 1 to 10, first to tenth, 10 to 1.
4. Days of the Week – Since he would like to read the mysteries of the rosary, he gets to learn also the days of the week since the different mysteries are assigned each day (Joyful Mysteries during Monday and Saturday, Sorrowful Mysteries during Tuesday and Friday, Glorious Mysteries during Wednesday and Sunday and Mysteries of Light during Thursday). I really had no intention of teaching him those things yet but it’s a welcome bonus.
5. Waiting for his Turn –The Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary repeatedly gave him the idea about waiting for his turn… and by the end of the litany, he gets what it means.



  1. You have all the right to brag mommy 🙂 Not all moms have the patience and the devotion to teach their kids the rosary (I’m one of them). Fortunately, my kids go to a nun’s school and praying the rosary is a regular activity for them 🙂 My girls are our prayer leaders na when it comes to that 🙂 And di ba it’s a joy to see them praying and for you, citing these points where a little child can benefit a lot aside from the religious side of it, can be enlightening for most of us 🙂

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