Minimalist Counter – Luggage

Despite my love for travelling, I didn’t get to feel the need of owning a piece of luggage until we’re set to travel with our 2 year-old son, more than 2 years ago. So, we bought this.

 luggage correct

It is a 15-kilogram capacity trolley from Delsey which we got on-sale at Travel Club in Gateway Mall and it has become our family luggage. We bring them whenever and wherever we go and I’m very pleased that it has withstand the stress of being loaded and off-loaded of more than 20 trips. And yes it is up to now the only luggage that we bought. 😉

Though, we still have two other luggages in the house -one is with an obvious-Burberry-knockoff-fabric-design that was given by a supplier in our office as Christmas raffle gifts. We only use this when going to and from condo since we don’t wash our clothes there. So this one is basically the busiest trolley we own.


Another is my dad’s luggage. He used this for all his travels until the very last. We kept his personal stuff here for one year before deciding to give most of them away. We know that our dad is too generous to feel bad over his unused stuff being given away and I am too impervious to let this trolley sit under the bed and collect dust so I assigned this as our emergency luggage. 🙂

luggage dad

Wait for my next post to see the details.
There you have it, our three useful trolleys.



  1. We used to have only one luggage at home because we dont travel often. But when my siblings and I left home for school and work, my mom had to remind us not to buy any luggages anymore each time we come home for a vacay kasi wala ng space, our rooms are very tiny! 🙂 I have a gray-pink Delsey set that I got on sale and been using it for over a year, I must say luggages are also an investment if you travel quite frequently 🙂

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