Efforts of a Minimalist – Being Online

One lazy Sunday morning, my boys and I decided to have our breakfast at McDonald’s near our place. The place is full (as always) but apparently quiet. As we are enjoying our breakfast, I noticed this sign at the corner of our table.

photo (6)

My initial reaction is… Seriously? Is it really that hard to stay OFFLINE?

Then, I observe the people around me… the long table on our right is occupied by a family of 6 members – all busy, not just with their food but with their own electronic gadgets. The guy in front is eating alone with a plugged ears. And almost 80% of the dining customers are checking their smartphones or playing games. The next 19% are the seniors who are reading the newspaper and the last 1% is us… having our morning dose of WHY’s from our son.

Maybe, staying OFFLINE is challenging indeed. 🙂

So, how do I keep-up with the itch of being online all the time and still be minimalist on that aspect? Here are my ways:

1.I do not browse the news feed – To explain my reason, I will just quote my husband here… “It’s so hard to stop when you started browsing…” and he is right, Right?
2.I don’t open my social network accounts during office hours – With a very few exemptions, I do not open my FB account when my boss is at the office… just plain respect and good use of man hours.
3.I don’t have internet connection at home (weekdays) – I don’t feel the need and I do not have the time for that after being in front of the computer for more that 8 hours a day.
4.I do not turn on my data subscription – unless there is an important and urgent matters… everything can wait for an available WIFI connection.
5.I don’t play online games – it is enough for me to be married to a hardcore gamer… really, that’s enough.
6.I keep the electronic gadgets out of sight – whenever we’re together, either at home or on vacation, we just keep those gadgets tucked beneath my bag, for safety and sanity purposes.
7.I prefer calling/talking – it’s simplier and it’s better.
8.I write rather than post – writing allows me to elaborate, explain and clarify things from beginning to end. It gives me time to think about the things that I will write and its effects on me, my family and others.

Signing OFF now!

Mel 🙂

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  1. your husband’s right about the news feed thing. once started, it’s really hard to stop. i remember i used to stay up late at night just browsing my news feed.sayang ang oras. what works for me is, wifi at home is only on from 8 am (i work from home) to 9 pm. after 9, no more wifi so i would not be tempted to check FB on my phone, and sunday is my rest day so no-internet day for me and husband. 🙂

  2. I’m probably like the guy eating alone at mcdonald’s looking at my phone. I stay offline at work because I’m not a talented multi-tasker. Then, when I take solitary lunches, that’s when I read blogs or books 😀

    But the rule is, if you’re with people. Turn data off and keep your phone away.

    Incidentally, of the multiple times I went out with several bloggers, no one really has their phone out the whole time. There’s hope 😀

  3. BTW, I’m not sure if other android phones have this feature. But whenever I lock my lenovo, only white listed applications run on the background. So social media apps, e-mail, etc are automatically killed 😛

  4. A few months ago, my son broke my tablet and I’ve never felt so happy about something that’s broken. Haha! 🙂 Good thing too that I don’t have data plans nor do I own an android or iPhone, or else I would probably be one of those you saw in McDo browsing on their phones.

    Just like in a TV commercial before, “the world is getting smaller but not closer.”

    Thanks for the reminder to go offline, Mommy Mel! 🙂

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