Martie’s 4×4 Birthday Celebration

We celebrated Martie’s fourth birthday four times this year. Don’t get me wrong, those are just simple celebrations that cost minimally but are packed with so much fun and love.

Celebration #1
This is has become a family tradition – to have Shakey’s Monster Meal for Martie’s birthday. This combo is an instant feast for a group of 12 hungry adults and since we’re just 8 in the family, we always have left-over to enjoy later. My son enjoyed the food, our company and some playtime with other kids from the nearby table.


Celebration #2
The next day, during my son’s actual birthday and we had a pot-luck sort of celebration. My generous boss brought ingredients for spaghetti and fried chicken to be cooked in our office kitchen. I bought ice cream (vanilla, ube and strawberry) and my sister brought a cake while my officemates brought some drinks. Martie had an actual candle blowing while we all sing happy birthday to him. He had such a fun day with all of us together with his friends/cousins. Sweet!


Celebration #3
This one is a total surprise. We didn’t expect that Martie will be part of graduation ceremony at Bert Lozada Swim School in Ace Water Spa Pasig the following day since he’s not actually part of the regular batch of enrollees. But it was such a wonderful treat for him to experience the ceremony. Thanks to BLSS Ace Plaza Pasig for an amazing experience, you made a birthday boy and his friend Orca very happy.


Celebration #4
Every year we celebrate Martie’s birthday with Teacher Jeannie and Company at the annual Family Music Festival. It’s the culminating activity of the school year wherein the kids will have one huge Kindermusik class and whole lot of surprises like face painting, arts and craft, rides, raffle prizes, food, freebies and photo-booth! 🙂



Happy Birthday Son! We Love you. 🙂



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