5-star Mother’s Day Celebration


I don’t really plan an elaborate mother’s day celebration with my boys, maybe because I’m not fond of being the celebrant or because my mom is not here anymore or maybe because we have reached our quota of events during the month of May, I really don’t know. But this year was kinda different since I spent it in a five star hotel with my family and a very dear friend from highschool. Sweet. 🙂

My friend and I got reunited at Facebook after more than six years of no communications. Blame it on me and my non existence to any form of social media during those times. And since we’re really itching to hook-up and have an endless chat ala highschool slumber party, we decided to spend a night together with our respective family. We got lucky that our schedule were open last May 10 and 11 and so does an adjacent room of the most raved hotel in Tagaytay – Taal Vista Hotel. And we even got luckier to avail the discounted rate thru my husband’s special employee rate. What else can be sweeter?

Both first timers in Taal Vista, we got really giggly and excited. We read a lot of raves of the hotel and that made us set our expectations really high. All our senses are on a judging mode the moment we enter the hotel and let me tell you the reasons why I think it deserves its five star status.

1. All the staff are courteous. Everyone is so ready to greet you and help you with all your concerns. And I mean ALL.

2. Service is personalized. There’s a specific person assigned to serve all your room needs. You just have to call him and not just randon “room service”.

3. Food is just GREAT. Nothing taste OK because everything is GOOD. Vegatables are fresh, fruits are sweet, eggs are cooked the way you like it, bacon is generously served, drinks are overflowing and the breads are HEAVENLY. I cannot get over those PAN ROLL you know.

4. Ammenities are for the whole family. They have playroom for kids, game room for the dads and big boys, spa for the tired/stressed adults and a pool for everyone to enjoy.

5. I’m not sure if they do this regularly but I really find it extraordinarily thoughful and considerate that they held Sunday Mass in one of their ballrooms for everyone, mostly for the staying guests and staff. That is really well thought added service.

As for me and my friend… we really had so much fun here, we were able to do a lot of cathing up and we’re already planning our next mini vacation. So sorry we missed each other a lot and had no time to take pictures… this is our only picture while enjoying our breakfast and long years of friendship. 🙂

taal vista (1)

Thanks Ceevs. 🙂







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