This is the closest to a Father’s Day to me right now. This is something very personal and I’m sharing it to all of you not for any religious cause or whatever, I just wanted to share a very special memory.

December 12, 2012

Naliyo ako dun (I felt dizzy)… were my father’s last words to me. Upon hearing that from my father, I immediately turned to him, intending to ask how is he… but I didn’t get the chance to finish my question. I was taken aback upon meeting a gaze of a stranger.

I haven’t met that pair of eyes before, but it is eminent to me. His look is telling so many things that are beyond my understanding, but it’s comforting. The stare is making me feel like I’m being robbed, but I am giving way.Those eyes are not my father’s… they are God’s.

That split second meeting was followed by my repeated outcry of nothing but DADDY! I know he’s leaving but I just wanted to call him, not to call him back… but to call him DADDY for the last time.



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