Exciting Ilocos Trip – Final Leg

Since we had a long night from our Vigan tour, we decided to have a lazy day before heading back to Manila (hopefully by plane). I went to the public market of Laoag and bought lots of sukang iloko (sugar cane vinegar), one thing that we like to bring home since it is a healthier option than bagnet and longanisa. It is also our personal favorite for its characteristic sour taste, that being the case, I bought 22 bottles – for us, our friends and family. After my short trip to the market, we decided to treat our caretakers out for lunch. But we ended up going to this beautiful dragon fruit farm, have lunch there and take a quick dip in to the pool. What a refreshing way to end our vacation?!?


Columns of dragon fruit trees


The biggest fruit we’ve seen at the farm.


going down to the pool area


Our cottage


Martie enjoying the pool.


Happy and refreshed. Thanks guys for taking care of us. 🙂

But that is not the end of our trying trip… at the stunning Laoag International Airport, our check-in baggage full of sukang iloko was held because the airline company doesn’t allow any Juan to bring vinegar to their aircraft, whether hand-carry or check-in. We’re so disappointed (specially my husband) that we lost our appetite to take pictures of the eye-catching terminal, in spite of our boredom while waiting for our late flight and celebrity sightseeing – Hello, Ms. Imee Marcos! Just to give you an idea, Laoag International Airport is constructed/renovated using red bricks, totally in theme with most of the significant places in Ilocos.

Despite all the inconvenience we experienced here, we still wanted to come back and experience Ilocos once again.








  1. aww sayang you didn’t get to bring sukang iloko.we rode the bus on our way home when we visited so andami namin nadalang suka. favorite din ni husband. new lang ba yang dragon fruit farm? we hadn’t had the chance to visit, next time siguro 😉

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