Exciting Ilocos Trip – 1st Leg


Our recent trip to Ilocos was not as smooth as we planned it to be. Not because we failed to make the necessary arrangements beforehand but it seems that the universe is testing our comfort limits and wandering determination – a test we passed with flying colors. Despite the discomforts and disturbances brought to us, we were able to extract fun and love out of each others company, which is for me is one of the true essence of going on a vacation. Right?


We missed our flight and that started it all. Instead of taking a less than an hour trip, we hauled a ten-hour land travel. My son fell asleep as soon as the bus rolled to life and he comfortably snooze on my lap until we’re about to descend at our destination – Laoag Ilocos Norte.


After spending the whole morning in bed, we managed to inform our local tour guide that we are ready to explore their beautiful city. 🙂



The Birth Place of Ferdinand E. Marcos


Sta. Monica Church




Malacanang of the North


At the back lawn of Malacanang of the North


Paoay Lake


The Grand Paoay Church


La Paz Sand Dunes


Overlooking Laoag


Our ride and Our Driver


Lovely isn’t it?


The boys had so much fun!


Magnificent sunset view


Sinking Bell Tower at night (please excuse the cables)

There’s more in my next post, please stay tuned, but before I end this, I would like to thank our Ninong and Ninang for arranging our stay in Laoag and I must say, those Ilocanos are so efficient. 🙂






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