Sorry for the late update here, been doing a lot of things lately… but as I have promised, I will update all of you as to the progress of my friend’s case of ATM SCAM.

To give a summary of what happened to her last March 15; She found out that somebody took 3000 pesos from her payroll account without using her ATM card (which is in her possession). After reporting it to the concerned bank, she was asked to wait for feedback while they are coordinating with the other bank (where the money was withdrawn) and do some necessary investigation.

After more than a month, she was given a schedule to view the video from the ATM of the bank where her money was withdrawn. The supposed schedule was April 28, which happened to be her birthday, nice gift huh?! Unfortunately she has to reschedule her appointment at the bank to spend time with her family and enjoy her day. The next appointment will be on May 9. I shall update all of you again. But just to give the answer to all your questions right now… NO. There was no commitment from either bank that her money will be returned.

That’s it for now and I’m so glad to finally write here again. Take care everyone. 😉





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