My Reading Affair – Part II

After my short reading affair early this year, I tried to manage my reading time, and set a quota of one book per month… but as you all guessed, I failed big time because I took advantage of the looong holiday last month. While reading all of these books, I was able to prepare decent meal for my son and my husband so they did not kick me out of the house but I wasn’t able to write anything here, sorry. I’ll try to manage that aspect next time. Yes, I’m expecting another round of this soon. 😉

Let me just share to all of you what I read and give you a bit of my personal comment.


I’m not sure if I want to have that phone.


Oh please… let go of the past.


Great secrets shared.


Is this the romantic version of Hunger Games?


Maybe, I’ll name my next son Maxon. 😉


After I finished this book, I learned that the last book is not yet available until May 6… Sigh!


I hope Aspen will not die defending America or Maxon.


Finally, a concrete happy ending.


I should have read this years ago.




  1. I second the motion, create a Goodreads account exactly to feed your budding reading addiction! 😀 Haha.

    Btw, today is the offcial release of The One (The Selection #3). Still haven’t found a decent copy online though. Maybe in a few hours more. 😉

    I have read Rich Dad, Poor Dad ages ago. Might reread it, plus a coupla other Kiyosaki books and Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich!. I have a copy of those (in MOBI format) if you want. 🙂

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