Why do I love Air Asia?

It was love at first flight that made me write this post…

This is not a paid/sponsored post; I just wanted to share my personal experience/s and observation/s.

1. Size does matter – I don’t know if it is just my illusion or what, but I find their planes bigger compared to other low-cost carriers. Of course, I didn’t measure the exact dimension of the seats and aisle but I find them spacious. My son can sit/sleep comfortably during the entire flight because the seats are wider.

2. The more the merrier – They allocate a lot of seats on SALE per flight. It is only here that we were able to book seven (7) and even up to ten (10) persons in the same flight. All for one peso base fare.

3. You’re never too late – You can still catch a promo fare for your impromptu get-away.



Announced last March 17, 2014



Announced last March 24, 2014

4. Just give them a ring – I always have a pleasant conversation with their customer service. They are very easy to talk to and you will end up enlightened and well informed.

5. Sweets for my sweet – Their chocolate chip cookies are so yummy (according to my son), a perfect treat for a fussy tot in flight.

Hope to add more… ‘till our next flight. 🙂



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