I’m sure you’ve heard/read/seen something about it from different forms of media reports, and probably just like me you gave a sympathetic sigh due to frustration for the lack of money security or proliferation of “bad” people in the world, then do nothing about it and treat it just like any other news that becomes history the following day. But if you heard the news first hand from a friend, it is immediately transformed into a true to story and you are doing something about it.

This is the reason why I’m posting this now… I received a text message from my friend telling me NOT to leave my money on an ATM account of a particular bank (of course I will not divulge the name of the bank because the case is still under investigation) because her money was withdrawn somewhere by somebody (I suppose) while she’s in a different place together with her ATM card.

It worries me immediately and tries to probe her about what happened at the same time sending messages to all my friends and family member to warn them as well.

This is what happened to her:

Her work is based in a city in Mindanao while her family lives in Southern Luzon. She regularly goes home to be with her kids during weekends. Last Saturday, she arrived at the airport and withdraws 700.00 from her payroll account. Knowing that she still has 3,729.00 there, she opted to withdraw again 3,000.00. To her surprise, the machine says that there is no sufficient fund for her requested transaction because her balance is only 29.00. She immediate called the customer service of the said bank to report her case. The customer service representative told her that there was a withdrawal made the day before (Friday, 7:55pm) at Ortigas Center. She immediately said that the transaction was impossibly done by her since she’s at work during that time (in a city in Mindanao). She requested that the ATM card be blocked immediately since her semi-monthly salary is about to be credited to that account. Her case is under investigation by the bank right now and she will be given a new ATM card. As for the missing 3,000.00… it depends on the result of the investigation.

This is something serious and it is alarming me BIG TIME. I’m migrating my accounts now… as in now.  I’ll update this as soon as I learned about what happened with the investigation. Bye and take care everyone. 😉



  1. Scary indeed. We had that scare last year here in Cebu and most of my officemates were affected. May isang taga-call center who lost as much as $70,000. I hope your friend gets her money back. Be suspicious talaga of ATMs that aren’t usually frequented by people at walang guard nearby. Prone sila to be compromised.

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