Island Hopping in Bohol

This is something you shouldn’t miss when in Bohol, most especially if you have your kids with you. It is a totally fun experience and a nice way to learn marine life as well (this will be discussed thoroughly in another post). 😉

For now, let me just show you how fun this island hopping is and maybe, just maybe, you might want to experience it for yourself. 😉

Say Hello to Mr. Sun and to the Dolphin Pod




Make sure to sail early and greet the sun then carefully eye for those dolphin pods along the way. My heart can’t be still the moment I saw those dolphins.

I’m actually prepared to be disappointed and not to see a single dolphin that morning. I’m secretly preparing my comfort-speech for my son incase that unfortunate event happens. But when I first heard our boat man (Kuya Ayon) said: Ayun! (There!), while pointing to the spot where he saw the pod… my hope immediately jumped high. But I failed to see the pod (together with my son and my sister), while the others including my husband immediately saw them. I noticed a bit of disappointment from my son’s eyes, which made me erase the whole comfort-speech in mind and begin to pray. I even asked my son to join me and we said; Lord Jesus, please ask the dolphins to show themselves to us. We really want to see them. 😉 After a few minutes we were able to witness the series of leaps and dives of the pod and we’re all overwhelmed by their graceful and speedy movements, we can’t avoid to squeal our hearts delight and our need to chase them. Haha!

When the sun is in its blinding intensity and the dolphins are nowhere to be seen, we headed to Balicasag Island.

Now, let’s look for Nemo.


Here we had a lot of underwater scenes taken by our guide/photographer/director.




Your staying power here depends on two things, your hunger threshold and your bread basket. We decided to leave the fishes in peace because we’re a bit hungry and we run out of bread to give/feed the them, but if not for those two… we can stay all day. The clear-blue-water is just chest-deep and the colorful marine species are so adorable you’ll never get tired looking at them.

Lunch could be pre-arranged with the locals who have their day’s catch to cook for you in different ways you want it. Sorry, we didn’t get to take a photo of the food because we immediately dig in after saying grace – we got really hungry upon seeing the food. 😉 Then after our sumptuous lunch, the women from the island offered a lot of souvenir items – how can we say no to these cuties?


For our last stop, we head towards Virgin Island where we had some dessert (bananacue) and a little a bit of picture taking here and there. But for the young man in green goggles, this is the coolest place on earth – He’s allowed to swim in open water without life vest… cool!


This is so far the BEST family-island-hopping activity that we had. Thank you Bohol! We’ll see you again soon 😉



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