Bohol Beach Club

I have to do this quick post to thank Bohol Beach Club (BBC) for being so nice to us. Take note, this is not a paid post… I just wanted to sincerely thank them for their friendly service and sweet dealings with us.

Last tuesday, we walked-in to their restaurant to have dinner, and we were greeted and assisted by a bubbly and proficient staff. While waiting for our food, the manager (I suppose), approached and started some straightforward talk with us, mainly to welcome us and wish us a great vacation. Though we were staying at a different resort (an easier on the pocket place than BBC), he never made us feel discriminated nor being questioned of our preference. He just genuinely welcomes and wishes us to enjoy our stay in Bohol. He even asked my son if he likes the Bolognese (which he actually did), though it is not a sweet-fast-food-kind of spaghetti. And to top it all, he gave him vanilla ice cream to end his sumptuous dinner. 😉

Thank you Sir Allan and BBC for being so nice to us… ‘till we meet again. – Martie


By the way, we got a copy of their updated rates and I’d like to share it here 😉


I need to start saving for this. Hehe



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