Efforts of a minimalist – FAILED! (Children’s Books… my proud failure)

Seriously, Martie has more books than clothes and toys combined.

Most of them I bought for him even before he was born (I am a book dealer), and a great number came as a supplement from his Kindermusik classes while some are gifts from friends and family.

We had the time last month to clean them all up and sort them according to level of reading ability requirement. Here is our lot. 😉


This does not include his Reading Program Book Set (4 books) from CFA, which I consider “formal books” and I’m waiting for 18 more books for his Singapore Math lessons which I ordered last month. Sorry, but when it comes to Martie’s books, my minimalist soul is hibernating.

I shall update this post with a video of Martie reading his favorite book/s… I just don’t know how to post a video here yet. (Yes, he can read already and I’m the one who taught him how – using the CFA Reading Program and all these books that we have). And that made me so proud of my minimalist failure. Wink!



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