Efforts of a Minimalist – Designer Bag

Last year, here in our office:

Officemate 1: Kaninong bag to?( Holding a blue coach bag.)

Officemate 2: Ay, akin po yan.

Officemate 1: Ah sa iyo ba ito, bat naman may tag pa? (Sabay abot ng bag.)

Officemate 3: Oo nga, bakit may tag pa?

Me: Nakikinig lang, at naisip na: Siguro para malamang original or baka ibebenta nya yung bag kaya di pa nya tinatanggalan ng tag.

Officemate 2: Para po malaman na MAHAL yung bag ko.

Officemate 1 and Me: (Nagulat at di nakapagsalita.)

Officemate 3: (Di nakapagpigil) Nakakainis ka!

This short conversation makes me think / contemplate of what it is really with designer or expensive bags that make us want it? Is that really because we wanted to show the world how much we can afford?! Uhmm… I don’t think so.

For me a bag is a bag. It is a container that we use for carrying things, may it be a simple cloth bag or a sophisticated leather bag or a gem-studded overly expensive bag, still it will serve the same purpose, which is to help us carry our things around. And sooner or later, we will have to replace it because it is either old / dilapidated or it simply became unattractive and so-last-season.

I would rather equate the price of the bag to its durability, material quality, functionality of design and style, but definitely not to reflect my net worth. What I can afford differs largely with what I actually buy. And I’m pretty sure; somehow, it works the same way with everyone else.

So, if you see someone carrying an appalling looking bag, it doesn’t mean that because her bag is cheap, she can only afford cheap stuff. Same goes with those carrying expensive looking bags (with attached price tag maybe); it doesn’t mean that because her bag is expensive, she can really afford to buy expensive things. Because you’ll never know what is inside the bag, right?



  1. That’s one quirky girl! I don’t own designer bags myself, but honestly, I wouldn’t mind having one or two pieces in my collection when the time comes. I saw one of your refer to it as a sports car, that might be true… although I wouldn’t keep the tag 😀

  2. And your officemate chronicles continue. Haha this time, bag naman. This is funny but very realistic. I know people who won’t exactly display tags but would brag about their their new bag, shoes, etc. — as in call attention and talk about where they got it and how much they got it for. Like they become better people for owning something more expensive than their income. Doesn’t change a thing. I’m always almost sorry that they find joy and attachment from material things. /rant LOL

  3. Owning an expensive bag should not define you. One can be proud, yes (having worked hard for it or for sentimental reasons – perhaps gifted by a loved one), but there is a line when one shows off, and not removing the tag – i think that’s crass, hehe, but that’s just me.

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