Sonya’s Bread

I love Tagaytay… cool weather, scenic view, close to Manila and most significantly… great food.

After our short chilly trip to Tagaytay, we were able to add new favorites on our existing list which includes bulalo, grilled maliputo and sweet pineapples.

Meet our latest favorites.


Spanish Bread and Cheese Hopia from the Panaderia at Sonya’s Garden.

The Spanish bread is heavy yet soft, gummy but instantly melts in your mouth and burst in to the right amount of sweet, creamy and buttery flavor that makes you look forward to the next bite.

On the other hand, the cheese hopia is my personal favorite. Generous creamy parmesan cheese filling inside a flaky crust is so irresistible.

They also have a lot of traditional pastries and breads to offer like kalihim and adobini (bread with chicken adobo filling). The adobini is likewise scrumptious, it didn’t reach Antipolo. 😉 Price ranges from 100-150 pesos per pack of 10 pcs. We can’t wait for our next visit to Tagaytay and sample these breads again.



    • for the same reason that we only visit sonya’s garden recently (after dropping Sky Ranch out of our itinerary), i feel like the food will not be enjoyed by my family as much as they will enjoy bulalo. Haha!

      but the bread is superb! adobini is marvin’s bet while mine is cheese hopia and spanish bread is for martie. maybe francine would like it too. 🙂

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