Minimalist Counter – Designer Bag

I honestly think that this post is more suited in one of those failed minimalist efforts of mine, but since all of them are from my generous sister, then we could let it pass.

As of the moment, I have 2 designer bags on-hand. First is an Artsy MM Monogram Louis Vuitton (Birthday gift last 2011)


and a Longchamp Le Pliage medium-sized handbag in taupe (Christmas gift last 2012).


Since the Artsy is too heavy (seems that the handle alone weighs a kilo), I’m just using it here in the office. I don’t carry it often and it sits almost permanently at the corner of my desk. At least I’m using it every day.


Thanks Lyn fo this picture. I realized that this is the first and so far only public appearance of this bag.

On the other hand my Le Pliage is more of the “in-the-closet-bag”… I seldom use it, because I find it hard to use / abuse especially when I’m on my mommy duty with Martie, but I always bring it when I’m going alone (which happens verrrry seldom nowadays). I like the fact that it’s so light and has a lot space where you can ditch your things into. So, I think I need to persuade myself to use it more often and have more me-time away from home. I’m not allowing it to collect dust inside the cabinet. My minimalist soul will be very very disappointed.


see how I abuse my bag?

I wonder what would be her reaction if she finds out that we’re waiting for another bag this year. Yes, another one, a red Coach Baby Bag Tote in Saffiano Leather (Birthday gift 2013).


Since this is a baby bag, I think it will be a good bag to use during our regular weekend activities and perhaps it will serve a good purpose as travelling bag during our out-of-town trips.


my bag is packed and ready to go…

That’s it guys… my counter hits it’s mark at the moment. And I have to thank one person for this entire bunch … Thank you Ate.

Feel free to share what you have there and jog your memory of all your blessings in the bag. 🙂



  1. I have all of three “designer” bags to my name, all of them gifts too. 😀 But I still have, like, half a dozen other regular bags that I use depending on my mood and/or outfit. And sue me, but I still look at bags whenever we go to the mall (though I don’t buy bags now).

  2. I don’t have any designer bags, but love their design! 🙂 I only have one handbag, Michaela and one Yadu casual bag. One owl bag given as a gift. And… a couple of backpacks courtesy of company. Haha! 🙂 Never been fond of expensive things.

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