Test Drive Unlimited 2

Tomorrow will be the official release of Sony PS4 here in Manila, and it will be priced at 24,999 Php (console alone), pre-selling started late last year (December 15, 2013).

Well, I just wanted to share that news, in case some of you might be interested. Also, I am not going to comment on the features of that console (haven’t done any reviews) nor remark its price (though it is eyebrow-raising for me)… but I would like to share with all of you a game that we play as a family using Martie’s now-almost-obsolete-Sony-PS3.


grabbed form the internet

This is our family’s first ever game console, given to my son by my generous sister and her family last 2011. I seriously mean that this is our first ever game console because we (me and my 2 sisters), never had a game console when we were young, those ATARI and FAMILY COMPUTER were totally alien to us, maybe our mom thought that it’s too much of a luxury to have or they just do not have the money for that, I dont know. But honestly, I don’t mind and I don’t even regret totally missing that phase of my childhood. I’m fine with paperdolls. 😉

Given such background, I hardly touch or even glance at this mean machine… though my husband manage to get some game CD’s (which are quite expensive based on my standards) and occasionally use/play with it. But since Martie caught HFMD last year, this has become our weekly family bonding. I realized that it was such a fun fun activity, though technically I’m not playing, just CHEERING! Wink.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 transforms the driving genre, adding the persistency, progression and customization of the latest multiplayer games to the auto racing experience. Test Drive Unlimited 2 blends single player and multiplayer experiences seamlessly, creating a dynamic world of evolving content and challenges. Players define their online persona through unparalleled customization of their avatars and vehicles, and the acquisition of property, clothing and other accoutrements of a luxurious international lifestyle. All-new race types, vehicle classes, environmental challenges, locations and much more push this epic franchise to new levels of performance. (In verbatim from official site, http://www.testdriveunlimited2.com/about)

Martie and Marvin usually take turns in driving at the same time singing along with the game’s “radio”, while I’m in charge of shopping clothes and other accessories. When buying houses and cars, we usually discuss this lengthily, big purchase you know? And of course, Marvin joins the race and competes while Martie explores every inch of the place to increase our discovery level and collect some wrecked cars. Who would have thought that Test Drive Unlimited 2 is a game that will be enjoyed by the whole family? It is an extraordinary game that has brought me closer, much much closer to my boys. Love it. 😉



  1. I sold my old PS3 when I’ve read about PS4. We were supposed to use the money for an upgrade but ended up adding the amount to our savings. I am still half hearted. I really think it’s too pricey.

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