Da Vinci The Genius

Tomorrow is going to be the last day of Da Vinci The Genius Exhitbit at Mind Museum, BGC Taguig. I hope you can drop by to see and experience the wonderful exhibit for yourself.  I personally enjoyed our trips there, yes with “s” because we visited it twice. Special thanks to The Learning Basket and Manila Workshops for their You Can Homeschool event where I got our free pass for our second visit. 🙂

This particular exhibit is a travelling exhibition which showcases the most comprehensive works of Leonardo da Vinci. As of the moment there are four places which hold the same exhibit, one is in Chavonnes Battery Museum in South Africa, another one in U.S. Space & Rocket Center in United States, plus one at Post Rotterdam in Netherlands and of course The Mind Museum here in the Philippines.

I think this is a perfect way to bond with the family and unleash The Genius in you. 😉

Here are some of our pictures during our first visit.


Martie and Marvin trying to replicate the emergency bridge


Successful after our third attempt.


I find this portable piano really cute. 🙂







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