Happy Birthday Mommy!

Last Monday (Novemebr 18) was my mom’s birthday, supposed to be her sixty fifth. Since she’s already in heaven we do not celebrate it the usual way anymore, no fancy food and drinks nor grand gifts, we just offer mass for her and for all other souls/small-lettered-s saints in heaven. Although, circumstances has its way of making this day more special for all of us or maybe it’s our mom reminding us of her infinite presence and guidance.

The first female driver in the family – My niece Argie (first grandchild of my parents) passed her driving test last Nov. 18. This is her first driving test and despite the fact that it’s snowing and the road is very slippery she managed to pass. I’m so proud of her and I’m sure my parents / her grandparents are very happy of this attainment.

You might be thinking why is this such a big deal for me or for our family in general… let me give you some background. My father was a driver/mechanic and was a very good one. He’s a natural when it comes to cars, car repairs and even as a driving instructor. He even managed to teach several people how to drive including my mom’s aunt in rustic roads next to rice fields, beat that? However her three daughters are all helpless drivers, how ironic isn’t it? I’m sure there’s a bit of frustration in my father’s heart in that aspect, but what can we do? We missed his genes bearing the talent for driving. That’s why we’re extremely happy and proud that our niece made it to her driving test and can actually drive now and conquer the road.

My sister investor – Our eldest sister finally signed-up for a COL Financial account last Monday and is now waiting for her account to be activated and start investing. Hooray! I’m not sure if she planned to submit her application in time for our mom’s birthday but nonetheless I’m so happy and I’m sure my parents are the happiest.

Again, what’s the big deal? My toddler invests in stock market, so there’s nothing new when another member of the family becomes one… right? Wrong! My sister is totally different from me, especially when it comes to money matters. It’s not my story to tell so let’s just leave it at that, but since I want to you to understand where my happiness is coming from, let me share to you a simple conversation with me and my father several years ago.

Dad: Ayan, magkakasama na kayo ni Ate mo sa trabaho.

Me: Oo nga po eh. (Excited na nakangiti.)

Dad: Turuan mo si Ate mong mag-ipon.

Me: (Silence)

How would you expect me to answer that? All the more, how would you expect me to do that? I’m sure you will all agree with me that money matters are the hardest issue to talk about as well as to lecture about. Trying to be a good daughter, I accepted his request, kept it in mind and in my heart but did nothing about it, sorry dad; I just wanted to be Ate’s little sister and not her financial adviser.

So, imagine my happiness when my sister actually told me that she would like to open an account at COL Financial and ask me to teach her how to invest in the stock market. Did I just win the lotto?! I never felt so fulfilled in my entire life as a daughter than at this instant wherein I’m actually given the liberty to fulfill my father’s personal request, one thing which will surely make our parents the happiest souls in heaven.

Mommy, Happy Birthday and thank you for your eternal guidance and love. We love you and we miss you.



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