My baby is a now a SNAPPER

When I said here that my son was not the best in his class… I really mean that. Not only that he’s not a good swimmer yet but also, he doesn’t want to be submerged in water then. Imagine how disappointing it was for us every time that Martie would tell/negotiate with his coach to just gently dip his cheeks to the water instead of plunging his face/head to the pool, while the rest of the babies in his class would just comply. For whatever reason, Martie was like that for almost the rest of his fourth semester (10 sessions/semester) at BLSS.

His first three semesters were OK, he wasn’t really the best among the babies in his class but he’s not showing signs of difficulty or disapproval and at the end of each session, he seemed to be more and more comfortable with the activities. That’s the reason why we keep on enrolling him semester after semester and his coaches are acknowledging his progress as well. His swimming class became a fun-filled weekly activity for all of us, not to mention the unexpected media exposure from time to time, sweet.

But, all of these seemed to be insignificant when Martie started to refuse some of the routines like the “submerge” thing. I personally considered pulling him out of the class because I thought he doesn’t like to swim at all and is just doing that because he knew that we wanted him to do it.  Fortunately, my husband refused to think the same way, he told me that we just have to continue and let him regain his confidence. He even added that if we stop now, everything that he learned will go to waste. True enough, after 45 sessions (equivalent to 45 Saturdays of going to Ace Water Spa (Pasig) or 22.5 hours being at the pool) with the help of the utmost patience and outstanding competence of his coaches (Teacher Pepper and Teacher Nadia), my son graduated from his My Baby and Me Class and was moved to Snapper (for children who are ready to work without the parent and are developing 10m Survival Swim and 10m Dog Paddle – description taken from the site).

Here’s my son and his new coach (Coach Arnold).








One proud mommy here. 😉



    • Thanks sis! 🙂
      Sinabi mo, lalo na akala ko talaga ayaw na nya noon, then nagulat na lang kami na biglang ok na sya ulit… tapos sabi nga ng coaches nya ang bilis nga daw ng improvement nya kaya nilipat na sya sa next level kahit di pa sya 4 years old.
      Be ready when you enroll Francine, I’m sure you’ll get hooked. Enjoy sila panoorin, promise!

  1. My mom enrolled us (my sister and I) light years ago, can’t believe meron pang Bert Lozada Swimming School. I remember getting tanned and dark ulikba levels haha. Galing nila magturo coz naturuan nila kami ng sister ko and that’s the only sport I can do, unless of course you count eating as a sport. Do they still teach how to make bubbles? Cute, cute ng baby mo.

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