Reporting for duty

My 20-day hibernation is over… thank God now I finally got the energy and time to write here. We’ll I just want to update you all and keep a record of what happened the past 20 days, so that I have something to look back and thank that it’s over.

day 1- day 3 (Oct 22-24)

oct.22 is hubby’s birthday and I’m suppose to prepare a special lunch the next day, because he is supposed to take his birthday leave and spend the whole day in the house… but it didn’t pushed through as scheduled, and was moved to Friday, and then moved again to Tuesday the following week. Crazy schedule isn’t it? But honestly, I’m cool about that; the only thing that I miss there is making a post of that special lunch. Hihi

day 4 – day 8 (Oct 25-29)

Martie got sick, hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD), nothing really serious but requires isolation for 2 weeks and of course extra care from mommy. Good thing hubby’s birthday leave was moved, it was a big help that he’s around the house during times like this.

day 9 – day 11 (Oct 30-Nov 1)

I prepared food for the All Saints Day and All Souls’ Day yearly celebration. That’s the least I could do and contribute for the celebration since Martie and I are in house arrest.

day 12 – day 13 (Nov 2-3)

Stayed at home with Martie and hubby doing nothing but eat and play PS3. I never thought playing game console is so much fun. Hihi

day 14 – day 18 nov 4-8

A very busy week for me… trying to compensate for the 2holidays (Barangay Elections and All Saints Day) the previous week, means a lot of work to do. More importantly, I need to monitor Martie’s recovery while cancelling all our activities, Martie’s All Saints Day party, our scheduled visit to the museum and a booked lunch family date.

day 19 – day 20 (Nov 9-10)

Martie is back with his usual busy schedule… thank God. But I don’t usually write on weekends because those days are for my boys.

There you go… my 20-day blog holiday is over. I miss writing here and reading your comments. Keep them coming friends. 🙂


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