The beaches of Boracay



White Beach – The main beach where all the hotels/restaurants/bars are located, at night, it’s like Tomas Morato covered with sand. Being the anti-social that we are, I thought we will not be able to enjoy this beach but I was wrong. My son lovessss this beach and would like to be here every afternoon playing with the powdery sand and meeting the gentle waves of the ocean. Quite a sweet way to end the day and very easy on the pocket activity – it’s free.



Puka Beach – This is the beach that is almost unreachable if you go via island hopping or boating, but the good news is, you can reach this via tricycle. For 150 pesos, a tricycle can take you there from d’mall and you can enjoy the beach to your heart’s content. Enjoy all the elements of a fine beach; clear and warm water, a bit of waves here and there, powdery white sand, cool breeze and the quaint shade of a coconut tree. Lovely!



Ilig-iligan Beach – When you decided to go on island hopping/boating/snorkeling (whatever you want to call it), do not forget to drop by this small but really nice beach.  I personally like this beach because the water is so calm here, my son can swim peacefully and my husband can snorkel some more. The sand is not that powdery but is nonetheless fine, cool and gentle to your feet. There are some food and refreshment being offered here but what I like the most is the sand castle (I miss the sand castles proliferating at the white beach 10 years ago). My son is a fan of this beach too… he doesn’t want to leave at all.



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