Family Vacation Guide to Boracay

There’s no need to describe the place, because the whole world knows that it’s a beautiful haven of fun here in the Philippines. I’ll just give you some tips on how to enjoy this paradise with your whole family by sharing with you what we had last September 30 to October 3.


1. Your airport of choice. There are two major airports that serve the tourists of Boracay. Caticlan or Godofredo P. Ramos Airport and Kalibo International Airport. Which one is better? It depends on you and your family’s needs. Caticlan is closer to Boracay, just a few minutes away from the port that leads to the stunning island, but it can accommodate smaller planes that only allow a maximum of 10-kilo baggage allowance per passenger. For a pack-rat mom like me… that’s tough. Kalibo on the other hand have a room for bigger planes and baggage allowance is not a problem, but it’s quite far from the island. You need to spend a few hours on a bus before you reach the port. I cannot remember how many times Martie asked us if we’re there yet. 😉

2. Book your land-sea-land transfer. If you’ve been to Boracay, let’s say 10 to 12 years ago, you would say that this is unnecessary. Believe me, I’ve been so hesitant to get one, but I’m so relieved I finally booked a round trip transfer from airport to sea port to resort/hotel. For a price more than half of our plane ticket, I would say that it is worth-it. There’s somebody who will welcome you at the arrival, escort you to the van/bus, assist you at the port, bring you to your resort/hotel, fetch you early at the resort/hotel and take you back to the airport.. It seems that the services they are offering are quite easy and simple to do… but when you have a very excited kid with you, these guys are heaven sent. We booked Southwest Travel and Tours and I can only say nice things about them. Kudos to all of you guys.

3. Stay close to D. D’mall, d’mall palengke, d’talipapa, d’restroom and all other establishments starting with d seems to be at the center of Boracay. As much as possible, stay close to them because there you will find other establishments that you will need. There’s grocery, banks, water refilling station, cellphone load station and tricycle stand nearby not to mention an easy access to all the beaches, making your vacation as easy as ABC. We stayed at Island Nook Boutique Hotel and I must say that their location is superb.

4. Explore the beaches. Aside from the white beach, the puka beach and the ilig-iligan beach also have their equal amount of magic every kid will enjoy. There’s a well deserved separate post featuring these beaches.

5. Discover interesting dishes. Because of the diversity of their guests, restaurants here cater to different flavors and cuisine, take your pick… follow your stomach’s desire but make sure they’re offering something for the kids too. If they do not have anything your kids are fond of, don’t worry, there’s McDonald’s. But I hope next time we visit there; we can sample burger steak and champ also. Calling JFC!

6. Make friends. Locals of this island are so used to having tourists around. Most of them are courteous and nice. They usually offer their products and services for you to try but they can take no for an answer, can communicate well and are very approachable. You can win a friend with a simple smile and perhaps get a plush discount, freebies or deluxe service. 😉

Till next time Boracay!




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