Efforts of a Minimalist – Tablet / Phablet

I heard this conversation the other day at the office (Yes, Tsismosa ako!):

Officemate: Ano kaya maganda sa mga yan?

Sister ko: Eto maganda. Oh kaya eto. Bibili ka ba?

Officemate: Reregaluhan ko si ___ sa Pasko, sya lang kasi ang walang tablet sa kanila… Kawawa.

Me: Kumunot ang noo at tumaas ang kilay (di ko alam kung paano ko nagawa yun ng sabay), then napaisip…  Pag walang tablet kawawa na agad?

If that would be the criteria of being “kawawa or pathetic”, I think I deserve the crown of being the most “kawawa” of all… Why? Let me give you two reasons:

First, for almost a year now, I’m the only soul in our office who does not own a tablet/phablet (a hybrid of phone and tablet). Almost all of my officemates bought a plan from a certain network that offers a bundle of postpaid line, cell phone and tablet for a certain monthly fee for the next 24 months, I’m sure you know how those things work.

Second, a few months ago, I saw a new fuchsia covered tablet lying around in the office. Something that looks new to me, when I asked my officemates who owns the new tablet, they said it belongs to one of the utility/construction workers. (I’m not looking down on utility/construction workers, I’m just stating facts).

Now you see the picture? Most likely you believe me now that I’m the lonesome individual here in our office who doesn’t own a tablet/phablet. BUT, I’m not ‘kawawa” and so is the one that they are talking about. There’s more to life than owning a tablet/phablet, a whole lot MORE.



  1. Sooo. I can relate to that kawawa thing.. I do not own a tablet/phablet,and I dont have a magarang phone too..so you are not ALONE sis.. andito pa ko.. pag nagkaro ka nung mga un.. Ako nalang ang lonesome hahhah

  2. Agree! I consider my age young (turning 25) and I can say that I should be part of that generation who’s all gaga over their tablets and phones and selfies and filters and OS upgrade. I’m surrounded by friends who are all iPhone and phablet users and they bug me nonstop about getting such a plan already. I just don’t see why I can’t continue using my regular touch-screen phone which can do the basic functions — call and text. I don’t get the fuzz, really. Sorry sa tataman but I find these things really superficial.

  3. I don’t own a tablet either, though I have a smartphone (not big enough to qualify as phablet though). Still, I don’t consider myself kawawa either. The smartphone is enough for my needs and then some, plus the trusty iPod which I have confiscated from my almost already addicted daughter. Lol.

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