Costume Day

October is a busy month for our family… Hubby’s birthday, family beach vacation (to celebrate hubby’s birthday) and Martie’s Costume Day at Kindermusik, of course, I’m always in-charge of all the planning for these events and it should always fit on my-self-imposed budget.

Honestly, I welcomed October on a vacation mood, so I’m not yet prepared for Martie’s Costume Day. Good thing that it doesn’t have a date yet and a gift from his lolo and lola (from Canada) arrived, now, Martie has a costume to wear and enjoy! Thank you Lolo and Lola. 🙂




This perfectly fits my criteria for a costume, which are (1) comfortable for the child, (2) cute and (3) not expensive or free.

Last year, this costume cost me 200 pesos for the cape, bow tie and pants.


While his first costume was a gift from my ever generous boss.


Now, I can’t wait for his Costume Day… Trick or Treat! 😉



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