Efforts of a Minimalist – Wallet

This is my 6 year old wallet that I use for my weekly trip to the Public Market.





I like the fact that it is long enough to be placed underarms while my hands are full of the things I bought. Aside from that, the zipped-coin compartment is an easy access for my loose change separated from my bills that can sometimes be bloody-fishy-smelly-with-scales.

Whenever I get comments from my friends regarding this wallet, like, it doesn’t suit me anymore or I should give it a rest, I can easily tell them that it’s only for my public market gigs and they will always understand. No need for further explanation. Maybe they would assume (just like me) that people from the market would not care at all on how my wallet looks… well we’re all wrong.

This morning, while paying for the tomatoes and calamansi that I bought from a regular vendor:

Me: Magkano?

Vendor: 45 lang Madam.

Me: OK. (Sabay kuha ng pera sa wallet.)

Vendor: Madam, mukhang malaki ang sentimental value ng pitaka nyo ah.

Me: (Di agad nakasagot… nag-isip muna) Pwede pa naman gamitin eh.

Vendor: Sabagay.

Me: Kinuha na ang sukli ko, umalis at nag-isip… OA na ba talaga yung wallet ko? Or Hanap na lang kaya ako ng ibang suki? Hmmm… 😉



  1. Hhaha, ganyan din istura ng wallet ko dati… bago napalitan. Napalitan sya dahil nung nakita nung sister in law ko yung wallet ko, binilhan nya ako ng bagong wallet. Out of ‘awa’ ba ito? Hahahah. Madalas ganun nangyayari. May taong nakakakita ng “vintage” wallet ko, naaawa sa akin, at binibilhan ako ng bago 😛

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  3. Not really much of a wallet person. I tend to just put my money at my jeans back pocket, leaving only the various cards at the wallet, which is in turn left inside the bag. Every so often may nagbibigay pa sa kin ng wallet, sort of a generic gift I guess, kaya nakakapagpalit din ako. Kaya hindi ako makaluma ng wallet. 😛

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