Q&A with Martie: When I grow-up, I want to…

As a kid, both Marvin and I never really had an exact dream profession in mind. You know those things that we used to write on our friend’s Slumbook… Hehe! Nevertheless, we’re happy with what we’re doing now and perhaps that is also the reason why we are not actually asking Martie what he wants to be when he grow-up until I’ve encounter an article posted in FB asking how would you (as a parent) know if your kid is ready for or would like to go to College.

While on our way home, I asked Marvin:

Me: Hon, what if Martie doesn’t want to go to College and get a degree. What are we going to do? Is it OK with you?

Me: What if he wanted to be a chef and owns a restaurant instead of going to a University? Or He wanted to pursue swimming and aim for the Olympic Gold Medal?

Marvin: It’s ok, as long as he’s doing something productive.

Me: Yah… and he’s doing something that he can be proud of.

Marvin: Let’s ask Martie (who’s at the backseat busy looking at the cars passing by)… Martie, what would you like to be or what would you like to do when you grow-up?

Martie: Huh?… When I grow-up… I want to… wash the dishes… cook…

Me (just thinking): I knew it… he really wanted to be a chef.

Martie: And I want to go out ALONE.

Marvin and Me: Ha?! Followed by a huge laugh! 🙂



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