Lanzones: Our Family Fruit Icon

My sister gave me a kilo and a half of lanzones last night (Thanks Ate!).


Lansium domesticum

As I started munching on the delicious fruit, I started to miss my entire family. Not because I’m eating it and no-one else (I’m actually happy about having the entire bag for myself, hehe) but because this fruit reminds me of my entire family, specially my parents. I have a vivid recollection of each one of them and this very special fruit.

My Dad – Being a very thoughtful father that he was, he would bring us a kilo or two or sometimes three every night for as long as its lanzones season and we will start eating until there’s no more left in the bag. When it comes to this fruit, there is really no tomorrow. Hehe! Also, my dad would usually give me the prettiest bunch, which I will save for my very last bite. How sweet (of my dad).

My Mom – As she enjoys the fruit with us, she would always tell us (I think most specially me and my dad) that the loose ones are sweeter and if we will buy lanzones we should buy the loose ones because we will get more compared to the ones still attached to the stem. Now you know where I get my “dapat-laging-sulit” attitude?

My Father-in-Law – Aside from actually harvesting some for us, he also brought us a sack straight from the Mindoro. That was before he left for Canada and Martie was just a few months old. How I wish that would happen again… when-oh-when?

My Mother-in-Law – She’s the one who gave me a bag of lanzones that they reaped from their backyard and not my husband (I’m not complaining honey). And that was even before I became her formal-and-official daughter-in-law. How thoughtful of her.

I wish they have lanzones in Canada and in Heaven. 😉



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