A Better Philippines – Bristol

I’ve been contemplating on doing a series of post featuring QUALITY products that are made in the Philippines and this article just turned the green light ON.

I’m hoping that amidst all that is happening in our country, pork barrel issues, standoff in Zamboanga to name a few, we can find the urge to be more vigilant in doing our part, no matter how small it is, to realize our biggest dream and highest hope for A BETTER PHILIPPINES.


2 months ago, my husband’s first-and-I’m-sure-will-be-the-last ALDO office shoes broke down after 3 days of walking to and from the office (Gilmore to Greenhills to Gilmore). He’s been using that shoes for a year or so already, and you might say that it has already served its purpose well and he should be thankful enough for the service rendered by his foreigner shoes. But I’m saying otherwise, that pair was used for a year inside the office only. He’s using a more rugged pair going to and from the office, with the exemption of last three days that was his pair’s farewell performance. Oh come on!? That was a painless surrender.

Because of that, my husband reconciled with his trusted brand from Marikina.


His first pair of Bristol shoes was used during our wedding and up to now he still uses it as substitute to his office shoes… that piece is more than five years old already. That is tough, isn’t it?

His second pair is his official office shoes, which he’s been using for more than 2 years now, rain or shine, day and night. The leather portion has a few marks and some folds here and there but a simple touch of shoe polish would do the trick. The sole being the most abused part has been replaced already by Bristol as well. Now, that’s after sales service.

The recent pair that we got will replace his inside-the-office-only shoes and I’m sure this pair would last a loooong time, just like the other two. 😉

The only problem with Bristol shoes is when to let it go? It’s so sturdy and well-built… Gawang Pinoy kasi. 😉

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