Traveling Around with Martie: LRT

My son’s first train ride experience was in Hong Kong last May 2013. He was quite pleased with the experience but not totally hooked to it, unlike now.

Martie, just like any other male in the universe, has an affinity to vehicles attached to his Y chromosome. He’s latest favorite is the train… the LRT2 to be exact.


Martie mimicking the train.

He’s so excited to see the station, he’s very eager to go to the platform and he’s looking forward to the arrival of each train while carefully reminding himself not to go beyond the yellow line. He even predicts where the train is coming and going. When the train finally arrives, he will take his seat and listen attentively to all the recorded announcements and he would wave goodbye to the train after alighting. He’s such a fan and riding the train is one of our family’s cheap thrills.

In line with this I would like to give some tips when taking the train with kids:

  1. Make it quick. As much as possible make your trip as swift as possible to avoid all the unnecessary events like the need to eat, drink, pee or rest/sleep.
  2. Make it light. Bring one bag that can hold everything you need inside, and bring only the essentials. It is best to carry the bag on your shoulder so that you have both hands ready for your tot in tow.
  3. Stay close. Hold each other’s hand at all times. Kids have the tendency to wander around and/or examine new things and places, they might be left behind. If you’re really in a hurry, carry your kid.
  4. Avoid the crowd. As much as possible avoid the rushing mob. It will be uncomfortable for you and much more for your kid who can only see hundreds of legs speeding up towards him. Horrifying.
  5. Take it easy. Taking a public transportation is never trouble-free, but you can loosen-up a bit and take time to enjoy the trip with your kid. Their innocence and pure curiosity when seeing new things is just priceless. 🙂


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