Minimalist Counter – Flip-flops

If you have read some of my previous Minimalist Counter posts I’m pretty sure you know exactly how many pairs of flip-flops I own to date… Yes! Just ONE pair and it is a nearly 5 years old. It was a gift from a family friend who runs a shoes/slippers store. It has been to many places like the rivers, falls, rice fields and mountains of Mindoro, explored our neighboring places at New Manila, Antipolo and Laguna but its most frequent trips are to the Public Market.

My ever dependable pair looks like this:


photo grabbed from website

But of course a very old and almost decaying one (that’s why I decided not to take its actual picture, Hehe!). But I love it so much that I do not want to replace it yet or for as long as it can serve its function (weekly trips to Antipolo Public Market). I’m a trying hard minimalist remember? Except that my husband seemed to be a bit more concerned with my minimalist efforts more than I thought he is.

Last week, as I’m starting to pack our clothes for our vacation this month, I told my husband:

Me: Hon, kailangan ko na sigurong bumili ng tsinelas… wala kasi akong ibang tsinelas, yung islander na lang.

Marvin: HA??? ISLANDER??? BAKIT???

Me (Wondering): Di ba? Isa lang naman ang tsinelas ko? Alangan naman yun ang dalhin ko sa Boracay? Di naman bagay.

Marvin: Kaya nga? Eh bat yun ulit ang bibilhin mo? Favorite?

Me (Natawa ng husto.): Hindi, I mean, bibili ako ng ibang tsinelas. Yung pang beach.

Marvin: Ahhh… akala ko yun ulit ang gusto mong bilhin. (Natawa na rin.)

I promise to get myself a pair this weekend and I’m definitely sharing it to all of you next week. 😉



  1. Bwahahaha, nakarelate ako din. Isa lang din tsinelas ko dati. Kaso nung isang beses na naglalakad ako, nasira na sya, Tapos wala na akong masuot namroblema pa ako paano at saan bibili. Ngayon meron na akong dalawa. Isang pangharabas sa lansangan at isang pangbeach 😛

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