Efforts of a Minimalist – Laptop/Notebook

We know for a fact that laptops/notebooks have become a usual thing of most individuals nowadays, but not for me. It’s not that I’m against it or what; I just don’t feel the need for one. I have my iphone (a-good-hand-me-down-3GS) and a desktop in the office and I’m perfectly fine and fully functional. Oopps! Yes, I write my blogs here at the office (Sorry Maam/Sir, this is my way to divert my thoughts and relax a bit) or using my iphone when I’m at home.

Because of the abundance of laptops/notebooks these days Gilmore Avenue (in Quezon City) has become the “Banawe “of computers… however during the early 2012, it was not like that yet… yes, there a lot of shops providing sales and services for all your computer needs but they are just waiting for customers to come-in or approach their place before they will hand you a flyer with their computer package pricelist while trying to help you with your concerns. Now there are boys who are eagerly welcoming every LRT passengers alighting from the station with photocopied flyers while shouting “laptop repair, laptop repair!”

Since we moved-in to our condo unit (beside Gilmore station) last June 2013 I’ve been trying various ways to politely and briefly say no and refuse to accept the flyers that they are giving away simply because I wasn’t there to avail of their service nor buy any of their products… Literally, NAPADAAN lang ako. So here are my ways:

  1. Slowly shake my head and say no in a very low tone.
  2. Slowly shake my head without looking at any of them, while walking a bit faster.
  3. Raising my hand a bit and gesture a no sign.
  4. Look down while walking faster than usual and say no.
  5. Say: No, thank you.
  6. Short smile with head shaking.

You get the picture? I’m really trying to say a straight forward NO. Why?

  1. I don’t plan to buy anything.  – Hubby has a desktop and a laptop while my son has a tablet. Do I still need more?
  2. I don’t plan to avail their repair services. – My husband can fix computer problems, may it be hardware or software problems. Do I need to say more?
  3. I don’t want to waste their flyers. – I’ve done leafleting myself. I know it’s frustrating when people refuse to accept it but it is MORE frustrating to see your flyers in the trash or lying on the floor. Wasted efforts and money, right?

Those are my reasons but I know that I cannot explain it to each one of them and make a lecture every time I pass by their spot. That’s why I just try my best to say no as simple and as polite as possible though it’s quite hard not to be annoyed especially when you hear rude side comments.

Gilmore Boys: Laptop repair! Laptop Repair! Laptop Repair! Miss Laptop Repair!

LRT Guard: Doon kayo. May mga dadaan.

Gilmore Boys (still in their position extending their arms with flyers): Miss Laptop repair!

Me (doing one of my gesture tricks): No.

One Gilmore Boy: Laptop Repair, Miss… Kunin mo na (referring to his flyers).

Me (still doing the gesture while looking for my way out, their arms are extended partially blocking the walk way)

One Gilmore Boy: Sige na… Kunin mo na! (With a tone like unfinished: Sige na… Kunin mo na. Pakipot ka pa eh!)

Me (Napikon na): WALA AKONG LAPTOP!!!

LRT Guard: O ano?

Gilmore Boys (umatras): DEAD AIR

It is hard to maintain a minimalist lifestyle but it’s harder to keep cool at all times. Wink!



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  2. Yehey, parang onti lang ang nakikita kong pinoy na sumusubok magbawas ng stuff. Glad to have found your blog. Sinusubukan ko din i-document yung alternative lifestyle ko… Nakakatulong to keep me on track.

  3. I was just pondering about this flyer thing yesterday. I usually do the same, mag-“no” or hand gesture or head shake. However, there are instances din na naaawa ako sa efforts nila to give. So I accept the flyer and make sure to read it and put it in my bag. Tapos sa bahay ko na itatapon. Harhar!

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