More than Just a Writing Gig

My friend (May) introduced me to her writing gig at, she says it will not give you fat cash but your efforts will be compensated and recognized. It is also a good outlet that can turn into a hobby that pays. Of course I got interested and tried to register right away. After being accepted,  a lot of things happened that I cannot barely sit and think for a while outside my usual work and house errands so I left my account there for years, I think almost 2 years… good thing they did not deactivate my account. Maybe they do not have that in their policy… How understanding… at this point, I have proven one thing that May once told me about… it’s like a family (virtual family).

A few months ago, May and I had our once in a while long chat and we arrived at the subject of again. I said that I would like to give it a try again, this time I feel like I’m ready to do some writing assignments, of course she encouraged me. The weekend after our conversation I grabbed my first assignment and failed to submit on time…. I felt so stressed then because I want to do it perfectly – (at least based on my own criteria) and I ended up changing and changing the words, phrases and sentences in one article. When I told May about it, she told me to loosen up and be more relaxed, anyway they will review it and return if it needs revisions.  I totally missed that point, she’s right they will not only get those articles that you made; they will also help you improve your writing skills. Totally cool.

My first successful assignment was rewriting an article. I chose that not only because it was the easiest among the list of assignments available that time, but also it has the longest time allotment. I don’t want to fall short of my deadline again. After submission, I waited anxiously for the result of the article review since May told me that I shall receive a text message if I need to revise my work. Good thing that I didn’t get any revision message instead I saw an acceptance note with a rating. My first article scored 87…Yehey! Clap, clap, clap. I felt so happy and proud of myself. I really like the idea of putting a score/rating for each accepted article, not that I’m grade conscious or what, I just felt that it will somehow motivate me to try to outshine my previous score and create a better quality article.

Following that, I get other assignments which required more writing skills, not just re-writing. I follow the instructions given carefully to come up with satisfying articles and submit on-time. Along the way, I learned a lot of new things while writing those articles, stuff that enriches my knowledge in almost everything there is… diet, exercise, technology, self-help, sex, medical conditions, geography, marketing, anything. While doing this, I do not only receive monetary incentive but I also gain knowledge augmentation. Thanks to ( ) and more power to our virtual family. 😉



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