Finally! My husband’s annual uniform allotment arrived yesterday (3 months delayed of schedule). Good thing I was able to make ways on how to maintain his linen office barong in order to last a year or more of daily use/abuse.

Linen/office barong/gusot-mayaman is the most popular uniforms for male office personnel in our country. Attributed to its ever versatile look and reliable comfort, this kind of polo became the number one choice of men in the office. But maintaining the crisp and tidy look of this shirt is a different story all together. It needs additional treatment if you want to pull-off the true-gusot-mayaman look.


This photo was taken one payday morning while I was lining up on queue at an ATM behind this young man. I can’t help but notice his I-tried-my-best-but-my-best-wasn’t-good-enough looking office shirt. Before he even reached his office, I’m sure his shirt will be screaming with lines and creases. Well, I cannot blame him; shirt like this needs extra care and attention.

Hubby’s polo is always treated with almirol, the good-old-fashioned-way almirol (recipe and procedure here). He wanted it really crisp that it can stand on its own, literally.


His uniform ready for a day of work.


Of course the moment he wears it, it will have some marks and folds here and there, but it will stay crisp, looking tidy and snappy the entire office day and night. Wink!



  1. Waaah! I don’t know how to do the almirol thingy. But will look into this kase ang hirap magplantsa ng barong na gusot mayaman! Prastrayting masyado pag tapos mo na plantsahin lahat tapos ihhang mo na sa hanger makikita mo gusot ulit. #inis

  2. Naalala ko yung boss ko dati laging nakasuot ng lukot-lukot na barong. Sa loob loob ko bakit kaya hinahayaan ng asawa nito na umalis ng bahay na ganito ang itsura. Yun pala gusot-mayaman pala yun. :p

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