Maring introduced me to Nicky

Since Maring is on the loose last week and I’m stranded at home, doing nothing, I decided to grab a book and catch up on my leisure reading. You don’t know how much I missed doing this. Good thing that I have a stack of books in our cabinet waiting to be read/opened.

After reading two novels from Nicholas Sparks (Dear John and Safe Haven), I took another book of him expecting one more round of chaste and faithful love story with a dash of death of a sick dear one, but I was wrong. Instead I was introduced to the man behind these fantastic novels that never failed to touch countless hearts.

His book entitled Three Weeks with My Brother is about his life as a child, brother, husband and father and the trip around the world with his brother. Through this book I came to know him, appreciate his works more and became an official fan. 😉


I shall add some of my thoughts about him and his work soon.


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