Patchi: Chocolate Haute Couture

For me chocolates equates to a treat. Whenever I feel a bit sad, low or tired… I try to grab a bar of chocolate to give me an instant boost (there’s a science behind that by the way).  But I don’t really consider myself a chocolate aficionado or what… I just enjoy its unique goodness and delightful taste whenever I get to sample one and yesterday was one of my very-privileged-chocolate-tasting-day for this knocked on my door.


It literally does because our friend/Martie’s Ninong (Godfather) visited us yesterday and he brought us a box of full of this gourmet treat.


Each one of them is different from the other, making your chocolate experience distinctive and one of its kind for every bite. You will feel THE smoothness every time your teeth will sink in to it. I swear this is the smoothest chocolate I have tasted so far. Yes my dear sisters, better than neither the Lindor nor the truffles… I wish you can taste this now.  It also has no sharp sweet-from-sugar-taste or the sour-ending-after-taste… totally bliss.

Well, here are Martie’s loots.


Thank you Ninong! 🙂

Don’t worry guys, you do not need to wait for Ninong to knock on your doors to sample this… you can get Patchi at Bonifacio High Street, Building B5, Bonifacio Global City or at Greenbelt 5 (2nd floor, kiosk) and experience the taste of refinement and its fashioning of culinary elegance.


To my dear sisters; do not be troubled for we shall raid their chocolate atelier… soon. Wink!



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