Minimalist Counter – Maong pants

For me jeans are one of the best inventions in the whole world and we all benefit from it, but how much closet space does this occupy? As for me, I own a maximum of 3 pairs at a time and wear them as long as I can. Then usually give it away as old clothes or cut them to a denim shorts… haha! I love my maong pants.

After giving birth, I had difficulty buying a pair of pants, not just because I gain unnecessary fats here and there, but also skinny jeans became the lone choice for style. Having huge thighs became a national issue to me and I disgust fitting a pair of that skinny that automatically stops at my mid section of my thigh… poor me. So, for a while I used leggings and jogging pants. Until I was able to shed some of those pounds and was able to fit squeeze in size 28 skinny jeans from Bench. That became my one and only pair at that time and promised myself not to buy again until I see a straight cut one… my favorite style.

Yesterday was my lucky day, after running some errands, I saw Dickies’ sale at their branch in Farmers Cubao. I remembered what my sister (who is in Canada), told me that I might find a straight cut jeans at Dickies. So I entered the store and no other customer is there but me… Yehey! I asked for a straight cut jeans and the sales lady gladly assisted me. I found the perfect pair/s, exactly what I’m looking for. Aside from getting it at a sale price, I am happier to fit in size 27. Yey!!!




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